Alleged hackers advertise on Ebay, Telegram and even Tik Tok EMV software at prices between 30 and 150 euros.

The sellers are from all countries and have obviously bought non-working EMV software themselves, which they are now selling on.
In some cases from Russia, the home screen of some X2 software 2020 has been tampered with and fantasy versions like X2 2.5 and X2 2.6 invented. Of course, also without functions.

Why is that ?

Banks invest three-digit million amounts to secure the EMV technology.
Millions are also invested in software security for ATMs around the world every year.

Here are just a few safety precautions
– A triple arqc code that is required for withdrawals at the ATM.
– An ATM code that must always be assigned to the credit card bank.
– Jcop cards with EMV chip that always have to be formatted and initialized
– A Masterkey that cannot be correctly written to a jcop card without a Masterkey FixFile.

Most EMV sellers pretend to be able to meet these safety precautions with alleged auxiliary tools. That is not true. These auxiliary tools are completely out of date and are not suitable for an EMV / credit card copy in almost all cases.

Such effective EMV safety precautions cannot be circumvented with software between 50 and 150 euros.

Is there any real EMV software at all ?

Yes, but not at prices between 30 and 150 euros. The costs to 800 euros including EMV reader/writer. Fully installed EMV systems with hardware and software from 2000 euros are better. Of course, everything else never works.

Last but not least, error-free full records are also required.

Again, 90% of all offers are fraudulent. Of course, purchased credit card details almost never work correctly.

Here too, full records under 300 euros never work and are always fraudulent.

So how do you find a serious EMV seller ?

As with all other products. Neat listings also look neat and professional. Even if the sellers pretend to be hackers.
Normal communication is also possible.

It should also be noted that most of the EMV evidence videos and alleged tutorials on YouTube are fake. Here are alleged amounts with alleged jcop cards
picked up at the ATM. But the cards have a false chip with which no EMV withdrawals at ATMs are possible.

Telegram seller channels with alleged and / or bought 70,000 subscribers are of course also fraudulent. Not that many buyers are interested in EMV software.

If the sellers have MR_EMV in their name, everyone is always a scam! It has been known for two years that all MR-EMV accounts have been hacked. In addition, MR_EMV is not the developer of X2 EMV Software. There are many MR_EMV accounts. Some have reportedly delivered and some have not. However, according to many reports, the versions delivered never worked either. It was always a copied non-existent X2 software version.


mr_emv SCAM !!


MR_EMVX2 Scammer


Mr_emv is a scammer

What can you do ?

The rule is. As of 2023, all versions without X2 Masterkey FixFile and with separate help tools such as Arqc, ATR, Jcop card formatting will no longer work and are all frauds.

In working, up to date software versions, everything is included in the program. Otherwise the data cannot be written to the jcop cards without errors. External and outdated help tools are no longer required.