We have received many reports from buyers about scam current websites 2023. Either the buyers were not supplied or they received completely outdated software that is said to be up-to-date. Made up fantasy names like X2 2023 and sold them with fake startsceens as supposedly current versions.

This EMV webshop scam list is constantly updated. Last update from 2023-06

Prilex is a Brazilian EMV software that first appeared in 2016. The EMV concept is similar to the now completely outdated EMV software chipso. But was further developed until 2022. Prilex was initially sold for $10-15 thousand. Today Prilex version 1.7 is offered on your own website for 3500 USD. Since Prilex can be found as HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Prilex and HEUR:Trojan.Win64.Prilex by any security tool, the software is completely unusable in 2023.
There are also scammer alerts on Telegram

evade-tools.com sells skimmers that are without any function in 2023. It is known that skimmers can only copy the general CC data, not the two most important data needed for an ATM withdrawal. The products offered by evade-tools.com are therefore without any function. The same applies to the software, which is also without any function
There are many scammer alerts about evade-tools.com’s EMV products on Telegram

X2emv.com presents the offer as if X2emv.com were the developer of X2emv.com. In fact, like almost everywhere, old X2 software without functions is sold at the ATM. The software is then simply called 2023.
The devices offered are completely outdated readers/writers that have not been compatible with current software for a long time.

The same X2 software versions are also offered at x2emvsoftwares.com as at X2emv.com. An X2 2023 does not exist. The video on the website also uses completely outdated tools, which of course will no longer work on the ATM in 2023.

Any EMV software that has to be operated with auxiliary tools such as formatting software, ART tools and ARQC software is always fraudulent and always without any function on the ATM.